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Phoenix, AZ Surrounding Area

Cooling & Heating Service and Maintenance Residential

  • A/C repair, A/C services
  • Service all Residential Make & Models
  • Seasonal checkups
  • All ductwork including repairs and  air duct cleaning
  • Duct balancing (Have a hot room? Duct balancing may be the fix!)
  • Installation of all brands
  • Install all types of thermostats including Smart-stats
  • Service and install zone systems
  • Service and install mini-split systems

Quality Service

Well Trained Staff

Whether you require a semi-annual service on your new Heat-pump or a Hard-Start Kit added to extend the life of your 10 year old Air Conditioning unit, our staff is trained to make complete repairs and service while respecting your time and privacy.

We understand how unconfortable it is when your heating and cooling systems stop working. This is why we try to return any missed calls or email requests for service within the hour.


Make sure you check the batteries in your thermostat, breakers and the air filter before calling a service company. This could save you from paying a service fee.

Filters should be changed frequently, we recommend not going more than 60 days during the summer months when your system runs the most. A dirty air filter kills efficiency and could damage your system if ran long enough without changing it. Never run your system without a filter.